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Whether an organization is utilizing a PPM tool to support portfolio planning or to support the details of project execution, effective project portfolio management requires a PPM tool that is tailored to an organization's business strategic objectives and goals. To solve these challenges and achieve their goals, businesses turn to Global's PPM tool selection and implementation services for the value they bring to the business.

How Global' s PPM Tool Solution Helps Businesses

Global Technologies PPM experts have the experience needed to successfully select, design, implement, and support a wide range of PPM tool solutions. Our team works closely with your organization to determine your PPM process automation needs. The chosen solution will provide visibility and control of your IT portfolio as well as enable your organization to adapt quickly to changes.

Global' s PPM solution provides additional benefits:

Our PPM experts have the experience needed to successfully develop a defined process for portfolio management. The PPM team identifies the company's overall goals and key players, determines the strategic objectives to reach the goals, and defines the goals in a measurable way. The result is a well-defined and prioritized list of projects that will provide an action plan for measuring success and aligning with the overall business goals.

• Reduced Portfolio Costs - Achieved by removal of redundant and underperforming projects and the avoidance of poorly aligned projects.
• Reduced Resource Costs - Achieved by efficient and effective allocation of resources.
• Reduced Project Costs - Resulting from project success rate and rapid delivery.
• Increased Revenue - Resulting from earlier enablement of strategic efforts and an increase in synergy between integrations and portfolio.