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As IT budgets are tightened and IT services move out the door to the cloud, the role of the business analyst is gaining prominence. Business analysts now control the conversation about what the business needs and how IT can respond. As the role of the business analyst evolves, companies are uncertain about where to place business analysts in the organization, let alone how to manage them and best leverage their abilities.

That's why leading companies are now establishing business analysis offices (BAOs). Much like the increasingly popular project management office, BAOs help standardize roles and processes. A well-run BAO will centralize and coordinate the management and control of an organization's business analysts, helping ensure the successful delivery of projects through effective business analysis activities.

Even though a BAO sounds like a good idea on paper, implementing one can be challenging. It can require overcoming a lot of resistance from both the IT team and the organization's business units. Often, an informed, neutral outside partner is needed to mediate between different political interests.

Global Optimizes Business Analyst Resources

As experts in delivering IT projects that meet clients' needs, Global has long refined its business analysis activities to help ensure the success of its projects. Now, we are bringing this experience to our clients with the Global Business Analysis Office practice. With this service, we help organizations implement or strengthen their own BAOs by providing the expertise necessary to successfully execute a standard set of policies, practices and procedures for managing projects.